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  • The Empowered Life is wild.
  • The Empowered Life is precious.
  • We reach higher ground with a guide who offers perspective.
  • Lisa provides direction, wisdom, experience, education, knowledge, & encouragement.

Expertise & Experience:

Eating Psychology Coaching

Specializing in guiding through Disordered Eating – Anorexia, Bulimia, Bingeing, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake – and Body Shaming/Self Loathing and Anxiety

Health Coaching

Specializing in creating the optimal plan for you to life your best life – providing fitness and nutrition counsel

Life Coaching – Personal Development/Spiritual Coaching

Specializing in offering perspective and guidance for your “becoming” and processing difficult emotions/relationships/choices so that you thrive in joy

Education and Certifications include:

Personal Fitness Trainer

American Council on Exercise, 1993

Health Coach

American Council on Exercise, 2009

Reiki Practitioner II

Brenda Reading, Lily Dale 2016

Eating Psychology Coach

Institute For The Psychology Of Eating, 2017

A little different approach to healing

Because I see everything as energy – our memories, our emotions, our feelings, our aches and pains – I listen to your story and “see” where the old and infecting energies are stuck/clogged and need clearing. I recommend specific book reading and various YouTube teachings to enhance your understanding of what it is that is going on in your body/mind/soul. In addition, I  most often prescribe specific movement of the body – running, walking, swimming, biking, hiking, etc. – to move the energies through your triune being.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed your best life ever?

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