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I offer a vast array of education and experience for your coaching and training needs. Because of my personal experience within the trauma of anxiety and eating, my speciality is disordered eating and body dysmorphic disorder. Having raised special needs (autistic) children, I also specialize in the joy and challenges of motherhood. Because of childhood trauma, I understand the ensuing difficulties and ups-n-downs of processing deep emotions and disappointments.

Coaching Options & Packages

  • One Session – Ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from one intensive coaching session. $75 session
  • Four Sessions – Ideal for anyone who desires accountability and motivation while establishing and developing healthy behaviors. One session per week for four weeks. $70 per session ($280 paid at first session)
  • Six Sessions – Are you seeking sustained support and success? During these six weeks, receive guidance and encouragement as you make the transition to healthier lifestyle. You can look forward to becoming more physically, mentally, and emotionally alive than ever! One session per week for six weeks. $65 per session ($390 paid at first session)