It is wonderful to have clarity about my life purpose!

Tarot reading is a form of interpretation of symbols and signs, using various tarot decks. The Reader creates a space for God to speak through the cards.

EnergieGal uses a variety of decks:

  • The LIGHT SEERS’ Tarot (Chris Anne)
  • The PSYCHIC TAROT Oracle Deck (John Holland)
  • The PRIESTESS OF LIGHT Oracle Deck (Taylor & Webber)
  • variety of others as well

What you can expect during a reading:

  • You may or may not offer information or a question or concern. Either way is fine.
  • A deck is selected by EnergieGal, cards are shuffled, and the cards are revealed.
  • Each card is interpretted by EnergieGal.
  • There is as much or as little conversation as you feel comfortable with.

Price Points:

  • mini reading (20 minutes) – $30
  • full reading (45 minutes) – $60
  • every minute past 45 minutes is $1

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