Bob and Cathy

Lisa is unlike any other trainer

Lisa is unlike any other trainer! She has helped us discover our happiness and joy, which we wrote off as casualties of aging. Her unending energy and hope help us make it through the ups and downs of life without sabotaging our long-term fitness goals. She works with us to help us to be as…

I have surprised myself

When I first connected with Lisa, I was very clear on what I would and would not do. I made it clear from the beginning with her that I was anxious about pushing myself too hard. Also, I had difficulties in my physical body that I told her we wouldn’t be able to work around.…


Getting stronger, toned, and confident

Getting stronger, toned, and confident in my body is why I sought out Lisa. I could feel her interest in my well-being immediately. After several years together, the results have been amazing. It has become not just about the physical self, but her energy has held me up in ways I didn’t expect. I have…


I had debilitating anxiety

As a child, I had therapists who said I was autistic and may never speak. Also, I had debilitating anxiety and was afraid I was doomed to be nothing but a shell. Working with Lisa, I began to make sense of certain events, make music, and express my ideas comfortably. Also, Lisa has helped me…


Lisa is the perfect leader

Lisa is the perfect leader for spiritual guidance. Not only can she work with you on your physical fitness struggles, but she can relate mentally as you fight and conquer anxiety, depression, and self-worth issues.


Lisa Glasier is amazing

Lisa Glasier is amazing… fabulous… beautiful… intelligent, caring… and real. Her words of wisdom have taught me to become more empowered and at peace with myself. Lisa is my personal trainer and thereafter became my spiritual coach. Through time, with her gentle encouragements, I have learned to unpack that unnecessary baggage. As a result, I…


Lisa is the real deal

Lisa is the real deal. She’s more than just my personal trainer. She’s genuine, compassionate, and amazing at what she does! She is the savior of my mind, body, and soul. I am grateful to have her in my life. I look forward to the new me!