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Welcome to your life!
How would you describe this one wild and precious life?!
If you are anything less than completely overjoyed, full of laughter and hope, energy and good vibes… know that there is a better version of life available to you.I’m living proof. There was a time when I was anxiety-ridden and fearful, full of self-loathing and low vibes. Troubled with disordered eating and confused by where my boundaries should be, I was constantly people-pleasing and exhausted. NOT ANYMORE!I am in love with myself… AND others! Through a journey of self-love, self-care, and befriending mySelf, I have remembered my true identity as a powerful loving being. I began a journey of moving old memories, and shifting warn-out paradigms, feeling my feelings, and getting back in touch with my physical body as a holy place. Life is so much fun, and full of adventure and great friendships!I would be so honored to walk beside you, guide you, share my triumphant experiences, and see you walk into your victory. Isn’t it high time you lived an empowered life?


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