About Lisa

Shining my Light. Encouraging you to remember your Light. Amen.

Lisa AKA EnergieGal

For as long as I can remember, I have mothered, nurtured, and been insatiably curious. I look for the Godness in everyone I meet… praying that, by doing so, they will remember It in themselves. ❤

I have been blessed with Five Beautiful Souls, Husband, Sibs, and Friends… and hundreds of Clients. As a Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach, I have spent hours and hours listening, consoling, truth-telling, and encouraging. I love my job!

After thirty years of listening to stories, creating routines, and encouraging better health… I’m still at it! Sans the big gym and all the fancy equipment, I am approaching Health & Wellness from a slightly different angle… more esoteric, energetic, and intuitive… still guiding and teaching, but including the whole soul and not just the body.

I still listen to stories – see my podcast information here – and encourage healthy living… and have added the RELEASE OF TRAUMA and ENERGY HEALING via various modalities to my services.

I am eager to hear of your hopes and dreams, difficulties and desires… let’s re-story your narrative, move energies, manifest health, and get you on your path to wellness and Joy. You are a child of God… your playing small isn’t helping anyone. Let’s get you shinin’!

Lisa AKA EnergieGal

I have learned how to THRIVE… having moved through the energies of abandonment, sorrow, rejection, grief, and anger, I know how to create safe space for others to do the same. As a Compassionate Witness, I offer perspective and Hope.

My goal is to help others on their soul journey… to get back in touch with themselves, with their Godness, and with their purpose. I help others learn how to better communicate with the people in their lives. Together, we find the path. We remove barriers to growth and manifestation. Life is about LIVING. Let’s get to it! ❤

I am Shaman.

I am Old Wise Soul.

I am… the hub of healing, the heartbeat of Love, the voice of Godness.

I am.

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