Reconnecting with the breath is the first step to healing, to awakening, to empowerment.

As an integral part of our HOLISTIC WELLNESS practice, we offer Blissful Breath Meditation… you may book your private session, or book a session to share with one, two, or three friends.

You can expect a calm, safe, and sacred space in which to lie back (or sit up, or sit in a chair) and RECEIVE the healing frequency available through our breathwork, yoga nidra practice (non-movement), and the sound of the crystal bowls.

Healing With Sound

Sound will be the medicine of the future.

Edgar Cayce

The Sound Bowls emit a variety of frequencies which recalibrate your frequency, balance your chakras, and provide a flow of energies and peace, joy, and vitality.

Using a combination of BREATHWORK, Yoga Nidra Practice, and Sound Bowl Therapy, enjoy a relaxing, healing, empowering experience… deeply kind, compassionate, nurturing energies abound… each session is about an hour.

Your investment: $75/private session; ask about group cost.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Blissful Breath Meditations! ❤

Where words leave off, music beings.

Henri Heinrich

We are located at the EnergieGal Holistic Wellness Center at 23 White Street in Fredonia, NY.

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