Guided Meditation June 3/4, 2023

Guided meditations are an effective mode of tapping into the subconscious and the creative, manifesting energies of our souls… for the purpose of deep inner healing and connection to Love/Source/God. EnergieGal So thankful to be joining you on our Guided Meditation today… in which we coordinate with the energies of the full moon in SagittariusContinue reading “Guided Meditation June 3/4, 2023”

Coming Out 2008

We are not alone! If you’re experiencing struggle or loneliness or anxiety, please know – know! – that I am with you… (This is the message I received years ago during a dark night of my soul.) Found the poem I penned during that difficult time. Thanks for reading and for your Love. I loveContinue reading “Coming Out 2008”

Wrecking Ball 2007

I’ve been showing you the Real Me lately… coming out from behind the masks. Because I love us. EnergieGal I remember one time that I wrote a poem that I entitled “Coming Out” which was about removing all my masks and allowing myself to be seen. (I’ll share it tomorrow if I can find itContinue reading “Wrecking Ball 2007”

Hey You 2007

Let me walk beside you, come alongside… EnergieGal What if … all those years ago, when I was struggling so hard, thrashing around in the shallows of my pain, having forgotten the depths of my truth … someone would have just walked beside me, held space. Truly seen me, heard me. Not tried to “fix”Continue reading “Hey You 2007”

You Are So Beautiful To Me

I have been on a journey of making peace with my body… and realizing it is as holy as my spirit. EnergieGal How do you feel about your body? What do you think about your body? Is your body holy? As holy as your Spirit? Hmmmm…. I been pondering this and seeing 👁️ that theContinue reading “You Are So Beautiful To Me”

You’re The One 2014

I am in you. You are in me. We are in The One. We are The All. EnergieGal Today’s original song is one that has deeper and deeper meaning for me every time I sing it. Hope you enjoy! I love you. ❤ Lis xxx Find us on SM: Insta:… FB: To bookContinue reading “You’re The One 2014”

Walkin’ On Water 2007

The end of striving… to be good enough, faithful enough, enough-enough-enough… has been the beginning of miracles. EnergieGal Been pondering what it means to be faithful… I’ve come to realize that, for me, I’ve often strived to be faithful so as not to let God down. Like, what kind of kid am I if IContinue reading “Walkin’ On Water 2007”

Bleed 2012

What if the call to love is also one to bleed? EnergieGal This is the song I wrote as I pondered what the world really needs to heal. Not a sinners prayer, not punishment, and not striving for perfection. I began to ponder whether my biggest mess ups made me even more qualified to beContinue reading “Bleed 2012”

Doing This Changed Everything

Be still. God Oh, how I asked Divine Mother-Father God for a different word today… something more fancy, “deep”, impressive… I mean, being still sounds lame, so “yesterday”, so “well-duh-everyone-has-heard-this”… And yet. The word continued to download: BE STILL. So, here’s today’s YouTube video link to our very fancy, deep, impressive transmission. 😉 As alwaysContinue reading “Doing This Changed Everything”

Powerful Healing Meditation

The goal of mediation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck. Dr. P. Goldin For those of us who follow the stars and luminaries (the sun and the moon), this weekendContinue reading “Powerful Healing Meditation”