Me? Sing?

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?” 

Did anybody ever ask you this when you were a kid? Happened to me… and often left me without an acceptable response. And by acceptable, I mean something that earns money, needs a college degree to do, sounds respectable, reliable, adultish. Because my response – always inside, in my head where nobody could roll their eyes and flare their nostrils – my response was always, “a teacher, a dentist, something like that” to which I received applause.

But inside, where it super duper counts, I was always all like, “I’m gonna be like Pat Benatar. I’m going to be in a band and make music and life will be about coordinating gig schedules and learning new songs!”

Yep, I have listened to Pat’s “Get Nervous” album hundreds of times. And I still own her “Crimes of Passion” vinyl. Fire in the house, I”m running back upstairs for it. (Not really… but I might fleetingly consider it.) I mean, it’s Pat. PAT.

And she’s a goddess.

Fast forward thirty years. Okay, forty. Fifty. Fast forward fifty years. 

I’ve been a teacher, Mom, business owner, health coach… check, check, check. All respectable and adultish. And I’ve truly enjoyed the experiences I’ve had. It’s been a good life and I feel thankful and blessed.

But the ache remains, all these years later.

I just want to sing! I want to be in a band! I want to sing one of Pat’s songs! Oh, to be on stage, mic in my face, keyboard under my fingertips, passionate music-makers beside me… yes, please, Universe.

So when one of my friends called and asked if I’d consider hanging out with his band, see if we jibe… well, ya know….

And now I’m part of a band. :-O 

I think this is how it goes sometimes. We have a destiny, a calling, something we just know in our hearts is part of our story… and, for me, it’s singing. Singing in a band with a group of souls who dig it like I do. Who feel the same way about music, about pouring over the details of a song until it’s just right, about sharing the vibe with an audience, about being carried away with the joy of it.

Indeed, I found my tribe.

Well, band.

And, really, they found me.

We’ve been practicing for quite a few months now, have our name selected, and we’re gelling. It’s making sense and sounding pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. 

And we have a gig! 

My first ever gig.

My first ever band experience.

(What do you think of that, Pat?!)

So, nearly fifty years after first picking up a hairbrush and singing into it as a mic, I have a real mic! Nearly fifty years after singing along to Neil Diamond, John Denver, Joan Baez, Eric Carmen, and Elvis… fantasizing being one of their back-up singers…  I am in my own band.

Anticipation gathers within me as the gig date draws closer. 




“You have to be true. You have to be honest. Figure out what it is that is true to you, what makes you happiest to do and be out there. And if it doesn’t work, then you just have to call it a day and go find something else. But don’t make it up. Don’t go out there and pretend to be something you aren’t.” 

Pat Benatar

So, what do I want to be now that I’m grown up? A singer. While I’ve enjoyed all my other roles, I still long to be a singer in a band that has vision and passion, courage and a good sense of humor. 

No more hairbrush-mic for me… and, while Pat herself will not be in attendance, maybe we’ll sing one of her songs. And then, oh!, my world will be very full and happy indeed.

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