Dear September

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Dear September,

You kicked my butt. 

Sister and her health issues… answers, where are you?

Good Friend’s cancer diagnosis… where do we go from here?

People’s relationship stuff… my heart is aching for us all.

Husband’s bacterial infection… will he go septic again?

As an EnergyFeeler, I sense that the vibes of October are going to be wild. Big. Shake us.

It’s easy for me to see how difficult things are in the world right now, how challenging all these energies feel in my body. Overwhelming.

And yet, dear September, there were also many beautiful and awesome experiences upon which I can reflect.

Good Friend remains peaceful regarding life and What’s Next.

Sister is an amazingly strong soul and continues to seek.

Relationships are messy, yes, but we all are still learning and growing. This is our Human Experience. Let us be “all in”, encouraging and honest, patient and humble. We all are, after all, truly doing the best we know how. ❤

Husband’s infection has not gone septic… we’ve caught it in time and now we heal. Slow, yes, but sure. Amen.

MusicBand is rocking. What fun!

FiveBeautifulSouls continue to thrive, to grow in wisdom, remain hopeful, and – most of all – kind. (I could not want more than this… except maybe a grandbabe… that might be fun.) ❤

As I’ve prayed this month, three words keep showing up consistently:




I sense that we are being offered opportunities to surrender, to let go, to remain kind and compassionate, to allow others their journey and wish them well, to allow some things to fall away so that life becomes more simple, basic, organic. Free.

So, dear September, as we make our adieus, thank you for kicking my butt and helping me remember that we’re stronger than we give ourselves credit. We can endure more than we thought we could. We can encompass more compassion than we knew we had in us. We can stand in Hope and Gratitude even among the challenging experiences.

October, we welcome you with open arms and hopeful hearts. How will you present to us opportunities for our human experience to gain depth? How will you remind us that, in all the caca, there are seeds. And they are growing. 

And we are loved. 



And that every day is an opportunity to remind others in our lives: “you matter, so how may I best encourage you today?”

Thank you in advance, dear October.


me ❤

To make an appointment for Energy Healing or Spiritual Guidance/Life Coaching, or 1-716-269-9655.

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