George’s Story

Doing THIS First Before Creating Goals

Happy New Year, Fellow Holistic Wellness Journeyers! 

Welcome to DAY 1 of our travels which, I’m believing, promise to be full full full of JOY, revelation, inspiration, and big time healing.

We’re learning how to reintegrate body-soul-spirit… how to remember that we are more than a body that needs macros and water and exercise and sleep (all important, yes!) but that we have emotional and mental aspects and needs as well. 

We need relationship! With Self, with Other, with Love…

So, today, before you take a deep breath and open up that fresh notebook, before you plunge deep-dive into your goals, before you spread out your calendar and cross-check your dates, before you start cutting out pictures from magazines for your vision, before you begin to feel the frequency of success into your bones… DO THIS!

THIS one thing… that I share on my YouTube today… this ONE THING has helped me not only create an holistically well and balanced life, but has helped me SUSTAIN it… 

We start by setting the course.

We succeed by staying the course.

It’s something hot and beautiful to set goals… but it’s another thing altogether even hotter and more gorgeous to stay the course.




How?…. Well, give today’s YouTube a listen, Friend. Right beside you on this 365-day adventure through 2023. 

Let’s do this!

With big Love and even huger Joy,

Lisa xxx

PS Here’s the link to the YouTube… please consider joining our amazing community! 🙂

PS To book an appointment for Coaching, or 1-716-269-9655.

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