Thank You, 2022…

And That’s A Wrap!

2022 is nearly behind us… as I penn this quick memo at 1:30pm on New Year’s Eve. I feel so adultish when I say, “golly gee, where did the time go?” but, alas, it’s true… where, in fact, did the time fly? Wasn’t it just March and I was moving into my new office? Wasn’t it just May and I was celebrating Mother’s Day and my 57th birthday? Wasn’t it just July and Husband and I were kayaking on beautiful Cassadaga Lake? Wasn’t it just September and we were celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary – like, damn, 34??! Wasn’t it just November and all FiveBeautifulSouls made it home for Thanksgiving? Wasn’t it just December and that storm was crazy and we had to postpone our Christmas Day celebration? (Well, yes, that did just happen…)

It’s been an amazing year full of ups and downs, tears of joy and tears of sadness. We’ve lost some family members but gained some others. We’ve lost some family traditions but started some new ones. We’ve shed some ways of thinking and gained fresh perspectives. All in all, it’s been a year for which we are thankful.

Husband and I have maintained our health – big time blessing! – we still run and Husband really should stretch more but we’re both abundantly well and for this, we are ever so grateful.

FiveBeautifulSouls continue to treat each other and Husband and Me with great respect, continued curiosity and deep compassion, and remain eager to gather a few times yearly. ThirdSon has recently relocated to way-far-away-from-me Florida… and this is difficult. As Erma Bombeck shares, “my children are my heart walking around outside of my body” and I surely do agree! And so, part of MyHeart is far away and I miss him with every fiber of my being… and yet, I rejoice beside him since I know this is his dream. How can I not applaud his path? The tears flow, yes, but it is well with my soul nonetheless. 

As we wrap up the gift that 2022 has been, we thank God for Peace among us, for Love that connects us, and for Harmony that helps us ebb and flow with each other. We remember fondly the conversations we had at funerals and babies’ births, holiday gatherings and impromptu meetups. All memories, all ours, all good. Uncomfortable, hard, sometimes really sad… but still, good. Life is rocky sometimes, but still worth the effort, the prayers, the hopes, and the staying. 

And so… we open wide our hearts to all that 2023 promises. Maybe a wedding? Maybe a grandbaby? Maybe more marathons? Maybe more kids relocating? Maybe advances in technology (for which I will desperately need one of my kids to walk me through again and again!)? Maybe a different monetary system? Maybe less brick ‘n mortar business and more virtual connections with clients? But surely more conversations and laughs, more poker playing and movie watching, more listening, more hugging, more meals around the dining room table, more texting to stay connected, more dreaming, more adventuring, more staying. More believing that Love is manifesting, that Peace is among us, that Harmony is possible, that Forgiveness is freedom, that Family and Friends are what matters most, and that Gratitude is a joyful act indeed.

In gratitude to God and to all of us, and to encourage us to keep believing, I am posting a short video every day on my YouTube channel. Spontaneous, raw, real. Let us gather together, reminding each other of our Godness and Goodness. Let us heal, let us transform, let us alchemize and reintegrate, let us recalibrate and learn how to self-regulate. Let us shed the lies and grow in Truth. Let us remember our Greatness. Let us swim in the deep end of Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage. Let us embrace all that 2023 promises… and embrace each other. Cheers, my friends! Cheers!

With eagerness and excitement,

Lisa xxx

PS Here is the YouTube video that introduces our new series, “Holistic Wellness With EnergieGal” which lasts all year long. Please consider joining our community. 🙂

PSS To make an appointment for Fitness Training, Nutrition Coaching, or Life Coaching, email Lisa at or text 1-716-269-9655. 🙂

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