Best Feels

There’s a meme going around that shows a picture of a cabin in the woods and the question, “keep or sell.”


Live in forveverrrrrrrrrr…. 😉

Recently, Hubs mentioned that we should rent a cabin “like the old days” AKA when Five-Amazing-Souls-We-Get-To-Call-Our-Kids were wee. I have over a dozen photo albums stuffed with proof of our adventures doing those wonder-filled years.

So much work to prepare to camp!

So much fun to camp!

Our favorite things to do:

  • campfire
  • hike
  • make sand castles
  • eat pizza logs from the beach deli
  • toss the frisbee

If we weren’t at the beach, we were hiking. Or hunting salamanders. Or hanging around the campfire.

Hubs was a fantastic story teller. Daughter was still Baby Girl and could fit in my lap. Four Sons each had a chair, flashlight, and s’more stick. Oh, the kids couldn’t wait until the evening fire when Dad would weave in and out of the best stories ever.

Such a simple life.

Best feels of all!

So, as Hubs and I pondered renting a cabin again, we were surprised to find that we weren’t digging it. Oh, we loved the cabin in the woods. And the hiking, logs, beaching, campfires…

But mostly what we loved… was the kids being with us.

Cabin in the woods without the kids. KEEP.

Cabin in the woods with the kids years past. HEAVEN.

I have loved being a Mom at every single stage of FS’s lives… and with all of them grown and gone… well, those memories that we created together mean soooo much to me today.

So, we’re not going to rent a cabin this year. Someday, perhaps we’ll rent one and have grandbabies and grandfurbabies to gather ’round us… and toss the frisbee around, and tuck toes in the sand, and look for Sally’s and Mandy’s on the trail… and, finally, when the day is good and done, to each grab a chair and a stick and a handful of marshmallows… and settle in to listen to Papa weave another story…

and each lil’ babe will take a turn on Nana’s lap…

And Papa and Nana will be tired and full.

Appreciating every single day,

I love you all.Lisa xxx

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