What’s So Funny?

When Rose and I head out for one of our many adventures, we do so with the biggest of intentions.

To place in our age group? Nope.

To beat our PR? Naaahh.

Our intention? TO HAVE FUN.

We’ve always told ourselves that when it stops being fun, we’re tapping. Out. Done.

So far, even a half ironman seems fun. There’s no accounting for taste… πŸ˜‰

Seriously, though. We take our FUN seriously, though. πŸ™‚ We find the humor in everything… when you’re busting cheeks like we do on those long runs, laughter is essential!

Case in point: we got a wee lost on our way to a race last month. We’d been trailing a car for a few miles and it appeared we may be headed to the same destination. Alas, we saw him turn around to head back where he came from… ah, we figured that he was actually NOT headed to the same place.

Rolling down the window, Rose queried: “We’re on our way to a race” to which Dude replied, “Me too! I was there yesterday and so you can just follow me!”

Mr. TurnAroundCuzI’mHeadedInTheWrongDirectionButFollowMe AKA Dude drove on and we burst into tears of sheer laughter. For whatever reason, this struck our funny bone deeeeeeep.

Yep, we followed Mr. TurnAround Dude and we did, in fact, arrive at our destination. All warmed up from our round of giggles.

People are just so funny!

Being a human is challenging enough so find the hilarity and give it a big, fat chuckle. Preferably with your Bestie.

I love you all,

Lisa xxx

PS Should you not know which way to go on our wellness journey, I’m here to serve you. πŸ™‚β€

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