There’s Giving & Then There’s…

Wisdom From A Sink


Husband installed a brand new bathroom sink in “my” bathroom today. I am thrilled…and, if you’ve read me enough then you know this, I am also thrilled for the new-n-higher-vibe thoughts roaming around in my head and through my body… all because of this new sink.

Swear to stars, I can find a pony anywhere… 😉

Husband is a sweet dude. All-over kind and generous soul. And a contractor. He’s super talented at fixing things, building stuff, creating something amazing out of nails, some glue, a bit of wood, a shoe string, and a roll of duct tape. My own MacGyver. ❤

But lately he’s been checking things off so many others’ list of to-do’s and wish-this’s… and our needs have been put last last last on the gitterdones. I understand this. I really do. And am not one bit resentful.

Okay, maybe one little bit. 

I get it. This is his job. This is how we eat and pay our car insurance. 

But still.

He mentioned doing yet another little extra job for yet another little friend and, well, I sighed. That’s all. I sighed. “I am thrilled for them. They are going to love your work!”

He arrived home early from work yesterday, new sink in hand. Well, not actually in hand. It was in the back of his truck. But you feel me.

“What up, Bro?” (I call everyone that.)

“New sink.”

“Where’s it going?”

“Upstairs bathroom.”

“For real?”

“For real, Babe.” (I am the only one he calls that.)

Snoopy dance.

It looks so good! The other sink and vanity set was here – and in beat condition – when we bought the house 30 years ago. As my MomJuls would toot, “That sink doesn’t owe you a cent!” No, it does not.

I figure the sink has been turned on and off some 20,000 times. That’s alotta teeth-brushing and hand-washing, baby.

The toilet and shower are shady. The floor shadier. But we’ll get there. The journey of a thousand steps… is accomplished one step at at time.

For now: sink and vanity – done.

First world prob – so perspective and loads of gratitude. It’s just a sink, but it is my sink… and for this new one, I am mighty grateful.

There for a moment, I felt guilty for taking time away from others to have something done for me. I know how many people line up to have his handiwork come to life… and I was mentally chastising myself for “being so selfish.”

“It is better to give than receive.”

I have no idea because I didn’t bother to look it up because I don’t agree so why waste my time thankyouverymuch.

In years past, I have not been a gracious receiver. It has made me feel uncomfortable. As I became CURIOUS as to why, why I have cringed at being given anything, I have realized something about myself. I have been ashamed of receiving. I have unknowingly, unconsciously judged myself for being too weak to make it on my own. All this to say: I have judged Receivers.

I have judged myself. For being too weak. I equated receiving with weakness.

But IS THIS TRUE? Am I weak because I receive? More clearly now, I see… no. More than ever now, I believe that we are designed to travel in tribes. Together. As a pack, encouraging one another along. Giving, yes, but also RECEIVING.

STRONG PEOPLE DON’T NEED HELP… said a former misled and overwhelmed soul named Me… who eventually, thankyouGod, figured out that this is a lie.

Giving and receiving are the same vibration, just different expressions.

Giver-and-now-also-Receiver Me

Giving is noble, feels awesome. Receiving holds the same feels. I’m starting to understand this now.

Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart. When we attach judgment to receiving help, we knowingly or unknowingly attach judgment to giving help.

Brene Brown

Sink received! My heart is open to receive and – now – also open to give… without judgment upon the receiver. This is actually a bigger deal for me than it may sound. Coming out of judgment upon those receiving is mighty healing. It has paved the way for me to offer freely, and the energetic transmissions between giver and receiver are pure for they are borne of Love.

Humbly flow. Sometimes you’re the giver and sometimes you’re the receiver. And it’s all good. Really. All. Good.


So… thrilled for others when they reap the bennies of Husband’s handiwork… and super duper thrilled for me on those occasions that I too get to be the receiver of such craftsmanship.

Yay for you!

Me too!

Good to know, there’s enough Hubs around for all of us. 🙂

Experience had. 

Truths gleaned:

  1. Sinks can last a really long time.
  2. Be thankful for everyone’s blessings. After all, we are all one. Good for you means good for me too. 
  3. It is good to give.
  4. Allow goodness to flow towards me as well. After all, we are all one. Good for me means good for you too. 
  5. It is good to receive.
  6. I hit the lottery with Hubs. Amen.

With you all the way.

Love you all,

Lis xxx

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