A Prayer


It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

e. e. cummings

Abba, share your heart with me. Wake me up where I am yet asleep. Bring me to life where I am yet dead. Open my eyes where I am yet blind. Open my ears where I am yet deaf. Open my heart to Love where I am yet in fear. Open my arms in courage where I am yet closed up and afraid. Heal my body where I am yet dis-eased. Bring a peace that surpasses understanding where I am yet scattered and in doubt. Soften me to forgiveness where I am yet hardened in judgment. Open my creativity and vision where I am yet pinched into a self-imposed box of logic and people-pleasing.

If yet a caterpillar, allow that I would prepare to cocoon.

If in the cocoon, allow that I would prepare to emerge.

If emerging, allow that I would patiently dry my wings.

If my wings are dry, allow that I would begin to flap and prepare to fly.

And if flying, allow that I would give glory to God for the transformation.

Lisa Augustine Glasier

And so it is.


Lis xxx

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