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Out for my run this morning… crying… I mean, snot coming out my nose, tears streaming big time.

I don’t know why I get so overwhelmed some days. Yes, I’m a deep feeler, an empath, highly sensitive… and sheesh, the energies in the world are taking me for a roller coaster ride lately.

And by lately, I mean since 2018. 😛 

Thank God I have Husband who is ever patient and Sister who is always right there at the end of the phone, listening, reassuring. “You’re not crazy, Lis. I think you’re just really sensitive. Gifted with insight and wisdom. I think you see things most of us don’t and feel things into the marrow of your bones.”

Yay, me!  :-/

While on my run, I got to the top of the hill on Seymour Road and as I turned around to hoof it back down, I was again overwhelmed… but this time with the beauty of Mother Nature. The trees were magnificent!  In various stages of turning from green to gold, red, yellow, orange, they took my breath away. The view, oh my goodness, the view! Spectacular. I could see all the way to Lake Erie! 

From the top of this hill, I could see the big picture. I could feel the Big Picture… it’s like Mother Nature whispered into my heart, “I see you struggling… but, dear Soul, ALLOW. As the trees accept that the Sun decreases its shining, so too can you. As the trees experience their leaves beginning to change, then fall off… so too can you… Dear Soul, seasons change. The easiest way to thrive is to allow. The trees will become naked, bare, and accept the coldness of winter. So too can you. Breathe and allow the seasons of life to unpack…. 

And look around! See the bigger story! See for miles! See with your eyes but also your heart! This is life! This is living! Thriving! Accept your part in the story. Allow. Flow.”

I’m not one to take pictures, but I just had to click a few to remember this message. So simple.

Life ebbs and flows. Seasons change. Receive each moment as a gift, a messenger, a potential friend and healing agent. Know that you’re not getting anything wrong… look to the clouds. Remember the trees. Breathe.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for reminding me that part of life is the messiness, the difficulties, the sad days, the confusion, the disappointment… that when I am experiencing these things (as I very often do) that I am not missing out or doing something wrong. ❤

Thank you, Trees, for showing up in all your glory and showing me how to stay grounded, even when I feel raw and naked, cold in my bones. After all, perhaps there is something quite beautiful about being bare, vulnerable, stripped down. Life becomes ever simplified in this season of no-leaves-just-tree.

Thank you, Great Big Hill, for allowing me stand upon your heights and look out over the valley and remember that life happens both in the highs and in the lows. And that not one is better than the other… both are brilliant and difficult and amazing and uncomfortable and worth pulling out the camera for.

Out for my run this morning, I sobbed. Mother Nature, Trees, and GBH all showed up and I felt seen, heard, assured. It was, indeed, quite a magnificent run.

To make an appointment for Coaching, or 1-716-269-9655.

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