Thank You

To make an appointment for Coaching, or 1-716-269-9655. Out for my run this morning… crying… I mean, snot coming out my nose, tears streaming big time. I don’t know why I get so overwhelmed some days. Yes, I’m a deep feeler, an empath, highly sensitive… and sheesh, the energies in the world are takingContinue reading “Thank You”

Try This To Shift Your Reality

To schedule an appointment for Life Coaching/Tarot/Astrology/Human Design, or 1-716-269-9655. Ask, seek, knock… you will be given, you will find, the door will open. EnergieGal Today’s Daily Word teaching (YouTube link here) is a DOOZY. I had little idea what I was going to speak on when I hit the play button and startedContinue reading “Try This To Shift Your Reality”


33… 5 kidsa llllll their friends 21 or 18 or maybe just lots of cats 1 dog 2 hamsters 2 snakes – #eeeeeek! 2 bunnies Numerous vacations to Allegany State Park. Hundreds of trails hiked, diapers changed, boo-boos kissed, pets adopted-named-fed-buried-mourned. Many first days of school, break-ups, ensuing heartaches, bowls of ice cream, and tearyContinue reading “33+2=<3”