Try This To Shift Your Reality

To schedule an appointment for Life Coaching/Tarot/Astrology/Human Design, or 1-716-269-9655. Ask, seek, knock… you will be given, you will find, the door will open. EnergieGal Today’s Daily Word teaching (YouTube link here) is a DOOZY. I had little idea what I was going to speak on when I hit the play button and startedContinue reading “Try This To Shift Your Reality”


33… 5 kidsa llllll their friends 21 or 18 or maybe just lots of cats 1 dog 2 hamsters 2 snakes – #eeeeeek! 2 bunnies Numerous vacations to Allegany State Park. Hundreds of trails hiked, diapers changed, boo-boos kissed, pets adopted-named-fed-buried-mourned. Many first days of school, break-ups, ensuing heartaches, bowls of ice cream, and tearyContinue reading “33+2=<3”