The Down-n-Dirty Truth

To make an appointment for Life Coaching/Tarot/Human Design/Astrology, or 1-716-269-9655. With a full moon in Capricorn, we have the opportunity to have some big light shed upon what we’re thinking and manifesting. Freedom awaits! EnergieGal In this week’s Energy Update and Tarot Reading, we have a juicy message about “compassion fatigue” as well asContinue reading “The Down-n-Dirty Truth”

Stressed? Do THIS!

To make an appointment, call or text 1-716-269-9655 or check in here. As Empaths and Sensitives, we are feeling so much… and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But we don’t have to! EnergieGal In today’s short Daily Talk (YouTube link here), we unpack the truth of being deep feelers, why it hurts so much inContinue reading “Stressed? Do THIS!”