5 kidsa

llllll their friends ❤

21 or 18 or maybe just lots of cats

1 dog

2 hamsters

2 snakes – #eeeeeek!

2 bunnies

Numerous vacations to Allegany State Park.

Hundreds of trails hiked, diapers changed, boo-boos kissed, pets adopted-named-fed-buried-mourned.

Many first days of school, break-ups, ensuing heartaches, bowls of ice cream, and teary hugs.

Lotsa game nights. Remember Apples-To-Apples? Monopoly! Settlers of Cataan. D&D.

Dreams unpacked; disappointments felt altogether; gardens planted; tomatoes canned.

Three double strollers.

Five single strollers.

Two mini-vans.

Moving the kids into apartments.

And out of.





We’ve dared a lot, experienced so much, laughed and cried and yelled and tried to figure out; we’ve given each other space and hugs and oh, the one-liners, the jokes, the fun memories.

You are hilarious, dude.

There were moments, or perhaps a day or two, when one of us wanted to tap, get out, run away… okay, this was me…. even so, you always told me, “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me or ever will…” and then I’d feel safe again, and come back and say sorry and stay. And we’d make popcorn and watch a movie.

And you’d say you weren’t mad. That you loved me.

And I believed you.

It’s all a blur… where do I end and you begin? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I told you we were pregnant, again… and you said, “wow!” and then I needed a hug because I thought you were mad.


Two souls.


Learning from each other.

Staying compassionate.

Being honest.

Even when this kinda hurt my feelings, hon. 😉

Two souls.

Who, after 33+2 years together, feel more like One.

As our song croons, “I’d stop the world and melt with you!” because, you have made me smile every single day.

And 33+2 years is alotta days so that’s alotta smiles.

I’m for sure gonna stick around because you’ve shown me Love is healing, funny, safe, enduring, patient, kind, honest, and sometimes scary and unknown, but always worthwhile.

And – beyond my wildest dreams – Love with YOU is really, really good for me.

Thank you, Steven. Happy anniversary, BFF.


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