Stop Boxing

To make an appointment for Life Coaching and Relationship Guidance, or 1-716-269-9655. What if we shift the perspective from You VERSUS Me to You AND Me? What if it’s not us fighting against each other but us fighting FOR each other? EnergieGal Today’s quick burst of Energie is all about better, more effective communication…Continue reading “Stop Boxing”


Make an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Lisa here. He was handsome, but way more attractive than that… he was kind. EnergieGal I lost his ring. Husband took off his wedding ring years ago since he wasn’t allowed to wear it at work. He lost it once, years ago, in a store… found it hours later,Continue reading “YES”


33… 5 kidsa llllll their friends 21 or 18 or maybe just lots of cats 1 dog 2 hamsters 2 snakes – #eeeeeek! 2 bunnies Numerous vacations to Allegany State Park. Hundreds of trails hiked, diapers changed, boo-boos kissed, pets adopted-named-fed-buried-mourned. Many first days of school, break-ups, ensuing heartaches, bowls of ice cream, and tearyContinue reading “33+2=<3”