That’s What Friends Are For


And it was harder – oh, way harder – that I’d thought it was going to be.

Here’s my big thanks to so many who helped me across the finish line – … cue the song, “that’s what friends are fooooor…”

Steven: for cheering me on every day of the year, for celebrating my wild side (even when it’s a little crazy), and for scooting home twice during the race to walk our pupper xoxo

Trish: for inviting me to pick up trash 😉 love you, girl xo

Jay: for helping me with my bike, noticing I was soooo nervous, and for a hug and an “I love you” – right back atcha, my friend

Judy and Nichele: pickle juice! Ima telling you, that saved me! I love you both xoxo

Tonia: as I swam up to shore, you had the biggest smile for me – and, arms pumping in the air, you shouted, “Lisa, 46:39!” and I think you may have been more excited and proud of me than even me 😉 you’re the best and I’m blessed to hang with you and call you my friend xoxo

Mark: we notice… the very hard work, dedication, and TLC you put into each and every race… and how you listen to every single one of us as we cross the finish line and unload, unpack, and recalibrate from a hard task… on behalf of the Collective, you rock! THANK YOU for your heart, your wisdom, your talents, and your friendship. You matter in this world, man.

Susan and Michael: encouragement and love… hugs. Love you.

aaaaand Rose: my forever and always friend, Cheap to my Easy… I’m incredibly proud of you… you gave this Bitch a ride! Your hard work, your dedication, your authenticity, your integrity… are high vibe… and you’re darn sexy… you are the real deal, my friend. I musta been good in a previous to have met you in this one. Thank you for your faith in me and the hug on the shore prior to the race. I can’t love you more, dear friend… Here’s to only about a thousand or maybe even a million more victories! xoxo

THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS. Aid stations galore, full of cold water and encouraging hearts. You are the grease to the wheels, baby.xoxoxoxoxoxo

CassadagaMan, remember when I said, “never again” as I crossed the finished line… well, ima sorry for what I said when I was sweaty, my legs trembling, my shoulders and back aching… those tears I shed at the end… tears of TRIUMPH and JOY. You ‘n me, we got more business…. so –

Same time, next year. xoxo

Congratulations for all athletes…





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