“Mrs. Glasier, how do you get to heaven?” asked the kindergarten children.

“How do YOU think you get to heaven, children?” and each had an answer… 

“Be nice to your sister.” 


“Be sure not to lie to mommy about who ate the cookies.”


“Help my babysitter with my little brother because he cries alot.”


“Ya gotta die.”

This was Shaness. Oh, we laughed in the faculty room about that answer. At the time, I agreed with little Shaness. You do indeed need to die to get to heaven.

I don’t believe that anymore.

I think, as Jesus did, that heaven is right here.

On earth.

Right now.


If you have eyes to see it,

A heart to embrace it.


Love as a frequency, a dimension, a realm of possibility

That’s right here.


I’ve become less curious about what happens after I die and where do I go and how do I get there… and more intrigued about what happens while I’m living. The Here, The Now. These are the things that are occupying my attention and intentions lately.

Yesterday, Husband and I attended a most beautiful wedding. He and I arrived early to the reception and had the divine pleasure of watching everyone enter. The music was playing, the banquet table was literally laden with foods – cheeses, crackers, pizzas, cookies, drinks, cakes, olives, did-I-mention-cookies – and the chandeliers were stunning! Each table was set with fine china and goblets, the wine was flowing like a river, baby, and there were big green plants on every table and hanging from the ceiling.

It was like heaven, man. Paradise-on-earth.

As each guest entered through the big set of doors, everyone clapped, raised a glass, hurrahed and ran over to greet and hug-n-kiss… the energies of Love were palpable. Each one who joined the party was celebrated… as if a long-gone-been-waiting-all-this-time Beloved had returned Home.


Needless to report, I cried during most of the service as well as the reception. I am easily moved by energies and these were big and mighty and joyous and full. The two making vows of “I sure do!” held high vibe fo sho. Humor, tenderness, passion, hope. They were so attracted to each other and their energies lit up the whole room.


I dunno how it all goes down when we slip out of this skin and earthly dimension and into the next leg of the journey. I only know that there’s something. I’ve attended a number of “transitions” which is to say that I’ve held hands and sang over those who are experiencing their last few breaths here on this side. And it is magical. Mystical. You can feel it – one moment, they’re here and the next moment, they’ve left and that it’s good. All good.

I’ve decided, however, that rather than wait for death to get to heaven, Ima going to celebrate life and live it to the fullest. Because I think heaven’s vibe is here on earth, if not also Somewhere Else or Over There or On The Other Side. Maybe it’s not either-or, but BOTH.


You, should you choose, can experience Heaven here AND there.

Like Heaven here is a warm-up for Heaven there.

Like Heaven here is a marathon, and when you “cross the finish line,” you get to keep racing and running and being cheered on and eating m-n-m’s at the aid stations. 

Like Heaven here is friendships, laughter, tears, sorrow, cookies, cleaning the bathrooms, doing homework, swimming in the ocean, walking through the woods, and even grocery shopping… because making memories is a GIFT, experiencing the good-bad-ugly of being in skin and on earth and among The Collective is a GIFT, and starting to remember that we are Divine and One is a GIFT.

What if Heaven is there

But ALSO here?

(How would that change things for me, for you, for us?)

In response to those inquisitive kindergarten children…

How do we get to Heaven?

Perhaps, perhaps by dying.

But, oh God yes, by LIVING.


And, for sure, whether Heaven HERE or Heaven THERE, you’ll find me over by the cookies… because… well, cookies… Is there anything much more heavenly than cookies? 😉

Celebrating you,

Rejoicing beside you,


Lis xxx

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