Day Three

God nudged me awake at 1:40am. I prefer to say it this way because it makes me feel like my being awake while the world sleeps has purpose. It’s not a madness; it’s a gift. Leastwise, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I read for a little while but knew that this was one of those no-going-back-to-sleep kind of wake-ups, so I donned my kitty onesie pjs – thank you, Sis – pillow and blanket, and headed downstairs to the couch by the big picture window. Gia FurButt took one look at me, sniffled, and headed upstairs. Possibly to take my place on the bed, but possibly just to nap at the top of the stairs. 

From my perch on the couch, I can feel the vibe of the biggest tree on our property. It is glorious, all fat trunk and a myriad of branches. Just brilliant! Majestic, really. I am thankful.

Tree and I talked.

Tree: Up again?

Me: Yep.

Tree: Thank you for the company. 

Me: Huh?

Tree: You are good company. You notice me; you honor me; you think I’m beautiful. This makes me feel special and loved.

Me: Just like me.

Tree: Well, we’re really not that different after all.

Me: I remember a blind dude who gets healed by Jesus and newly-seeing dude says, ‘wow, I see people and they look like trees.’ 

Tree: Mmmhmmm.

Me: I’m not anxious. It’s not that, ya know. I’m just awake. The silence is comforting. Everyone else is sleeping and it’s calm, peaceful, quiet. Nice. It’s like I get to re-calibrate or something.

Tree: And yet… you are searching.

Me: I am. ‘I’m out to prove I got nothing to prove.’ Me n Napoleon.

He’s out to prove he’s got nothing to prove.

about Napoleon Dynamite

Tree: (laughing) And how’s this going for you?

Me: Actually… okay. I am not vexed. I know that God is helping me gather all that I know – all that head knowledge and mindful understanding – and welcome it down into my heart space and into my body… a whole-being experience. So that I don’t get religious or stuck or rule-following… knowledge without Love is dry, harsh, harmful. 

Tree: Oh so true. My branches and trunk cannot exist without my roots. My roots are vital, life-giving, grounding. This is what Love is for you: vital, life-giving, grounding.

Me: God keeps gently pulling my attention away from “out there” and whispers, “in here.” Love is asking me to look inward, ponder what’s up on the inside of me. Get curious about my roots, my guts, my innermost parts: my heart.

Tree: That’s what’s going on, ya know, all around the world. God is waking up The Collective. Love is plugging them into Love. Everyone is being invited to tune in, turn on, breathe in, breathe out. Come alive.

That’s what’s going on, ya know… God is inviting everyone to wake up to Love, to True Identity, to the Divine within, and to Beauty without.


Me: I’m feeling this.

Tree: Then you are blessed indeed.

Me: I am. Thank you.

Tree: Thank you.

I must have drifted off because the next thing I knew, FurButt was licking my face. Morning kisses are the best. Her wagging tale and cold nose let me know that it was time to don winter clothing and brave the 7 degrees that Mother Nature allowed this morning. Brrrrrr! 

As I headed down the driveway with FB, I passed Tree. We smiled at each other. Tree may or may not have winked. I waved.

Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.


It’s going to be a really good day today, I can already feel it deep in my bones… and down into my roots, er, heart. ❤

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