There Is No Try

Day Two

Luke: Master, moving stones around is one thing. This is totally different.

Yoda: No. No different. Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.

Luke: All right, I’ll give it a try.

Yoda: No, try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

As I sit here in my office, I am beginning to understand that this is a part of my 40-day sabbatical journey: Unlearn what you learned. Lis, cease trying. Trying to make something happen. Trying to will something to be the way you want it to be or think it should be. 

Just. Stop. Trying.

Because, girl, you are miserable. And a misery to be around. Something has got to give… and maybe it’s unlearning what it means to TRY.

Yoda says “there is no try.” So I’ve been sitting here for an hour, asking God to unpack this to me. WHAT DOES IT MEAN “THERE IS NO TRY”?

If it was all about EFFORT, I’d have created seventeen worlds by now.

So it can’t be just about EFFORT.

Manifesting must involve something else. Perhaps effort, yes, but more than that…


I thought that the Law of Attraction said I gotta vibe a certain way and then shit just comes to me?! What the?

“This” is the way I want it to be. So I’ve been vibrating in such a way as to attract “this” into my life. Except this hasn’t been working.

Not that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work, but I think I have been doing it incorrectly. 

I do believe in the metaphysics of attraction – of like and complementary frequencies being drawn to each other. 

But I think there is a step prior to creating my vibration to attract “this.”

Is it possible that I have to check in first? ❤

Seek first the Kingdom of God… and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

Is it possible that if my desire is rooted and established in Love, from Love, from Power Within, from That Still Small Voice, from God… well, then…there is no try. There is only do, or do not. There is only flow. Ease. Peace. There is no try.

I have been TRYING to manifest… and it’s felt heavy, exhausting, hard.

I imagine that creating born of Peace feels light, easy, like being on a raft flowing down the river. Like, I’m being led somewhere but not directing the path nor responsible for getting there. I am allowing. I am being in harmony with Creator. I’m not focused on mastering anything, but rather just experiencing Now.

And, joy of joys, because I am Co-Creator and filled with everything I need to manifest, there is no judgment. I am here. I am allowing, I am open. I am willing. When I “get there”, I get there. It’s less up to me to make it happen… and more a faith-walk.

You can’t just visualize and go eat a sandwich.

Jim Carrey

So, yeah, there’s work involved. But work is different than TRYING. It feels different to me. Working towards something with a passion sparked from Within is actually fun, exciting even.


No effort.

I am unlearning how to make things happen.

It’s less trying and more listening; it’s less effort and more willingness.

It’s being okay with catching a vision of what God wants that may be different than I had thought it was going to be… and trusting. 

It’s realizing that maybe there’ll still be “trying” moments in which I question myself, God, how things are unpacking… because I’m still learning to trust.

It’s wrapping my heart around the truth that I may still be asked to sacrifice, sweat, bleed, cry, lose, surrender… because this earthly existence isn’t about getting my ego’s way but learning that Love is the Way… and I’m still learning to walk that path.

It’s embracing BEING.

It’s celebrating LIVING IN THIS MOMENT. 

It’s remembering I AM LOVED.

It’s BEING HERE NOW, experiencing this very moment.



Ultimately, I am learning that “making things happen” is not my life’s work. Perfecting, mastering, accomplishing, trying, striving… these are not what I was created for.

Note to self: unlearn what you have learned. Listen from your heart. Allow yourself to be guided. Trust the process.

Me: I have been miserable for 2 ½ years, trying to make something happen. What more can I possibly do?

Husband: Maybe give yourself permission to stop trying.

Husband and Yoda… thank you. ❤

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