Day Six

Simple things.

Simple things make a big difference.

Drink water.

Get some exercise most days.

Be sure to rest. Especially if I’m tired, rest.

Laugh daily.

Cry. It’s okay. Crying is NOT weakness leaving the body. It’s a movement of energies coming up and out of the body. And this is beneficial. Cleansing.

Eat vegetables daily.

Not too much sugar.

But some because life is supposed to be experienced fully.


I think hugging is the most underrated healing agent around.

Gia FurButt gives the best hugs ever.

Breathe. Find a quiet space in the house or outdoors, and sit or lay on the ground and breathe. Notice nature. Give thanks for Creation. Creator. Remember that I AM a Creator too.



If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.

Jack Kornfield

For all the times I had to rush through a shower to get to work or prepare dinner or finish the laundry, take my time. Enjoy. I’ve earned it.

For all the times I didn’t get to watch TV at night because I was working late or tucking five little ones into bed and rereading bedtime stories or listening to the tales of their days, allow myself time in the evening to catch a show. Maybe even let myself watch all of it. 

For all the times I ate the leftovers of everyone’s lunches throughout the week and called it my dinner, allow myself a delicious meal, leisurely eaten. Light a candle. No rush.

It’s okay to nap.

To stay up late.

Sleep in the next day.

Every so often, spend the whole day reading.


Talking to Sister on the phone.

(Don’t look at my watch… it’s only time!)

Sometimes I think I get deep.


I am deep most of the time.

Even about the benefits of simplicity.

I accept this about myself.

Celebrate it even.

But, I’m finding that I don’t have to go that deep to find ways to self-care, to reconnect, to begin to heal. Simple things done with mindful care can move energies with great efficiency. God may be found in the depths… as well as the everyday simplicities.

Love each other like your love yourself.


Keep it simple today, Lis. ❤

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