What Fear Feels Like To Me

Day 31

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Being courageous feels a lot like being scared.


I’m beginning to realize that being courageous feels a lot like feeling scared. If I’d known this earlier in my life, I may not have fought so hard against Fear. I’d have welcomed it into my life as a guest and asked it in for tea and a chat. 

Lately, in allowing Fear to be a messenger, I’ve been curious about where I feel Fear in my body, what I hear Fear speaking in my mind, what conclusions I’m forming from what I’m feeling, and the energies I’m tapping into and what energies are trying to move, dissolve, make room for more Love.

Empowered Living: I wanted to start my own business but found myself super scared. When I listened to the thoughts in my head, I heard, “You’re not good enough…” and when I allowed myself to feel the energies in my body, I sensed constriction, a pulling back and in, a stop of the flow of breath. I felt like I needed to hide myself, protect myself from ridicule. I took an epsom salt bath in chamomile and lit a few candles. I allowed myself to feel Fear (hide! protect! hold breath!) and held myself with a deep compassionate regard. I reminded myself, “you’ve had things happen that have laid a foundation for you to feel afraid to expose yourself… it’s hurt in the past to show up… but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. You’re safe. You’re loved. You’re honored.” I was still kind of afraid-feeling, but also could feel the courage well up within me as well. My business is thriving. 🙂

How about you? Ever feel afraid? Unpack the details. Were you able to be brave too? Here’s a reminder to take a bath, sit among the trees, journal gratitude, and practice mindful breathing.

I’m here to guide and encourage you, Dear One.

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