What If?

Day 32

For an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Lisa, make your appointment here.

To live is to be slowly born.


I know, I know… I used to wish the process of Becoming were quicker too. Alas, it lasts a lifetime. Truth be known, we transform over lifetimes.

What if our transformation – our Becoming – our unlearning and relearning – is not the goal? What if the goal is to experience transforming, Becoming, unlearning, relearning? What if the destination is the journey?

How would this influence our perspective when it comes to changing things we don’t like about ourselves or others, or trying to make something happen, or trying to succeed at this thing called “spiritual soul growth”?

What if we ALL get to where we’re headed – outside of time, since it’s an illusion – and we’re also “there” and so…. BE. Be. Here. Now. Be wide-eyed and open-hearted, open-armed and without expectation. Just BE. Experience. This. Moment.

What if SURRENDER is the so much a part of our Becoming?! Check out this 5-minute video I created around this perspective… FREEING! Empowering! LIFE!

What if this life is not meant to be full of pressure and goals and deadlines and gotta’s and shoulda’s? What if somehow we’ve forgotten that we’re here to BE magical, to experience the MYSTERY, and welcome the MIRACULOUS?

What if, indeed… ❤

For an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Lisa, make your appointment here.

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