Triumph! Victory!

Spirit Is With You

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The Chariot card in tarot is one of my all-time faves… when it shows up as messenger, I know that Spirit is with me.


For today’s tarot reading (YouTube), Spirit is saying, “you have one job!” 😉

I love when this card makes its way to the top of the pile… Spirit is unpacking that today, your job is to just stay on the horse…

Have you ever become overwhelmed by which direction you should be going? what job you should be taking? which relationships you should be surrendering and which you should be grasping? Do you ever wonder if you’re headed in the right direction or doing the best thing, right thing, God’s will?

Yes, me too.

And that’s why I so dig this card. Because here’s what God is saying:

  • I got this.
  • I know which way to go.
  • I know how fast to get you there.
  • I know the connections, relationships, path.
  • You stay on the horse and let me do what I do.
  • I mean it, just enjoy the ride. I gotchu.

Always, Love.


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