Ode To Gigi: What Is Love?

Windy, cold, drizzly. I hear the neighbor’s large wind chime. Gong! Gong! FurButt Gigi has remained outside after our morning walk. She’s so sweet. ❤

The other day when I could not drag myself from the couch, so weary was my soul, she would not leave my side. She laid on the floor within paw’s reach to me… even as Husband prepared and then sat down to dinner, she remained by my side. The smell of sausage did not lure her away. 

This is love.

When I finally crawled to the kitchen table to coax some nourishment into me, she cautiously crawled beside me, inch by inch, until she found her station by my feet as I ate.

This is love.

She didn’t ask me what was wrong. (I’m not sure I could have told her, so deep was my ache.) She felt me. 

This is love.

She didn’t ask “how long are we gonna play sad today, Human?” She just rested into the crook of my bent knees as I leaned against the bedroom wall just outside the bathroom, still too exhausted to rise and dress. 

This is love.

There was no “hurry-up.” No “why” or “again, really?” There was just her presence, her gaze upon me… reassuring me that I would not experience this plunge alone. 

This is love.

Today, I am rising. I can feel the waves that have been crashing against me slowly ebb. Gigi is outside after our morning walk, allowing me to enjoy coffee and prayer quietly… as if she can sense the most difficult days in this storm are yesterday’s gifts.

As I view myself through her eyes, I see a Soul who thrives with extra TLC on some days… and not a failure. I am not weak, nor a burden. I am an opportunity to love more, deeper. 

For some of us, me among them, life is harder to live. Too big, too wide. Overwhelming. But Gigi reassures me, “you don’t need fixing, Human Mama… you’re broken, yes, but broken open… and earth is a difficult place to experience such vulnerability.” 

She meets me in the depths, in my Deep, and waits with me there. Until I’m ready to emerge again.

This is love.

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