How To Channel Love

Where there is heartache, let me be joy.

Where there is disappointment, let me be peace.

Where there is anger, let me be patience.

Where there is weeping, let me by kindness.

Where there is woundedness, let me be gentleness.

Where there is trauma, let me be goodness.

Where there is abandonment, let me be faithfulness.

Where there is competition, let me be compassion.

Where there is misunderstanding, let me be forgiveness.

Where there is discouragement, let me be mercy.

Where there is greed, let me be grace.

Where there is separation, let me be openness.

Where there is fear, let me be love.

Where there is grief, let me be hope.

Where there is disconnection, let me be safe space.

Let there be a remembering that we are Light, we are Love…

And let it begin with me.


Today’s Burst of Energie – video here – is short and sweet… perhaps not easy-peasy, but we’re all on a journey to a destination to which we’ve already arrived… so don’t sweat it.

We’re in a season of surrendering, of letting go… of thoughts and relationships and paradigms and dreams that no longer resonate with our BEing. And that can be uncomfortable.

But we’re doing it!

How can I best serve you today, Dear Sojourner? ❤

Should you desire a witness or good listening guide, text 1-716-269-9655.

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