New Playlist!

Let’s get to work.

Jeff, the ummless man who means business

Welcome to our newest playlist on our YouTube channel called RECOVERING WITH ENERGIEGAL.

I have my own story of disordered eating – which is why I’m calling it “recovering” rather than “recovered” because that journey is ongoing and keeps me humble, learning, evolving, curious, compassionate, and courageous.

If you’ve struggled or are struggling or know someone who is in that uncomfortable space of addiction – to food, self-loathing, victimhood, drugs, alcohol, sex, gaming, exercise, shopping, gossiping – we’re the tribe for you!

  • We’re being open.
  • We’re being willing.
  • We’re being vulnerable.
  • We’re being authentic.

And, by golly, we’re healing! (Scared, uncomfortable, afraid…) ❤

Please consider joining us… and giving a listen to our first video in this series… we’ll be unpacking a bit of “I’m Glad My Mom Died” by Jennette McCurdy. It’s so yummy! 🙃

To book an appointment: or 1-716-269-9655

God bless, Everyone.

Lisa xxx

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