Risky Business

That risk you are afraid to take might be the one that changes your life completely. Kylie Francis Ran 12 miles this morning. At the start of the 12th, told my partner that I wanted to walk the last one. No shame in this… but he asked me if I would consider pushing harder —Continue reading “Risky Business”

A Prayer

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e. e. cummings Abba, share your heart with me. Wake me up where I am yet asleep. Bring me to life where I am yet dead. Open my eyes where I am yet blind. Open my ears where I am yet deaf. OpenContinue reading “A Prayer”


Friends, True story: Hubs and I have had the absolute blessing of being raised by five amazing souls. They’re all adults now and adore us, which we’re kinda in shock about since we didn’t get it all “perfect” — which goes to show you that forgiveness, compassion, and a sense of humor go a realContinue reading “Holes”