Day 34

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He was handsome, but way more attractive than that… he was kind.


I lost his ring. Husband took off his wedding ring years ago since he wasn’t allowed to wear it at work. He lost it once, years ago, in a store… found it hours later, tucked way under the bottom shelf in the shampoo aisle. 

But I lost it today. And it is gone, gone. I’ve looked everywhere… and, on a day when I have been everywhere – WalMart, the office, the banks, TJMaxx, yoga, and various parking lots and sidewalks… full of snow and slush… oh, and at TJ’s, I was in the third dressing room. The jeans didn’t fit right and I didn’t buy them… but they may have Husband’s ring in the left pocket. 😦

Or maybe not. Who knows? 

“Hon, I lost your ring. I wore it today on my middle finger, like I do sometimes, and, well, it’s gone. It will be nearly impossible to find it. I am so sorry. And sad.”

Husband rarely angers, and even when he does, he’s quick to control it. I think it’s a combination of his maturity due to experience – he was a manager of hundreds of workers at the factory for nearly thirty years and we have Five Beautiful Souls we call our children – and sensitivity – both his and mine. We’re both sensitive. He would say I’m way more easily hurt, and there’s probably truth to this, but I am careful not to hurt his heart. It’s pretty darn tender, whether he’ll admit to it or not.

Looks have never been much of a factor in my attraction to Husband – though, don’t get me wrong, the dude is handsome. It has been his kindness all these years that has kept me beside him, thankful to have said YES.

He is handsome. But more than that… he’s kind. And this has made all the difference.

Ring, or no ring, I would say YES all over again.

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