Day 35

If I can be of guidance, make an appointment for an Intuitive Reading here.

Sometimes intuition feels like venturing down a long hallway in the dark, feeling along the walls, and inching one foot in front of the other. And just keeping on in faith that you’re being led towards the Light.


I’ve successfully created my third website this past month. Within them, I’ve even created an on-line store. I’ve learned how to use my phone apps for checking my bank balance, learned how to create Facebook pages, and am learning how to edit and upload my own videos to YouTube.

I’ve created my own podcast – this was probably the toughest part of this big and wild venture called “I just want to put myself out there and offer my Love and services to The Collective” – and am currently editing the second episode. 

It’s been a roller coaster! But through it all, I’ve maintained a steady faith that I’m being led by God, by Love, by Source that put this desire into my belly… and is helping me make it manifest. When things got confusing or overwhelming, I would take a deep breath and gently remind myself that God wouldn’t bring me this far to let me fail. 

Fall, maybe. But not FAIL.

Fumble around in the dark a bit, sure. But not FAIL.

I have found that the most crucial ingredient during this experience has not been a superb knowledge of computers – because I don’t have that, though I’ve learned so damn much! – nor helpful connections – because I haven’t asked for too much help, though I’ve had some generous offers – nor sleepless nights full of angst and effort and research – I’ve slept well, thank you.

Not money. Not understanding. Not a team of experts.

(Though, had I money, understanding, or a team, I’d have shoved these tasks off my plate and gladly allowed others to create, manage, and complete them. It was hard!) :-/

The main ingredient that has led me through to the other side of this shindig has been… my attitude. Never once did I lose trust in myself, in my dream, in my ability to get the job done, in my calling by God to do this. Never once did I lose faith in God to get me from here to there. 

Discouragement never came knocking. If perchance it did, I wasn’t around to open the door. 🙂

I may have inched my way down the hall in the dark, in faith, reminding myself of the finish line, the goal, the Light at the end of the Tunnel… but not once did I stop, get frustrated, DOUBT, or sit my ass down on the corner of Victim and Shitty-Attitude Avenues.

This has been a journey for me as victimology has been knit into the fibers of my skin, down into the marrow of the bone. No more! 🙂

And, perhaps, part of this journey to create sites and pour myself out there into the world has been less helping others and more transmuting my own energies, from victim paradigm to victor mentality… inevitably so that I can hold frequency and offer guidance like the powerful Light I AM.

Being led towards the Light… less “at the end of the tunnel” and more towards my own Self, my own True Identity, towards the Truth of who I AM, who WE ARE…

Maybe, just maybe, WE are the Light at the end of the Tunnel. Maybe we have been all along… and less should we focus on “there” and more should we remember our power and greatness right frickin’ here. Inside. 

Inside each and every one of us.

Light. Me. Light. You.

Yes, we are. Amen.

If I can be of guidance, make an appointment for an Intuitive Reading here.

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