To make an appointment, call or text 1-716-269-9655 or check in here. I am kind because kindness is who I am, not something I try to do. EnergieGal Today’s Daily Word (YouTube link here) is a doozie. I’m not sure there’s anything that threatens the ego more than kindness. Kindness says, “I am kind becauseContinue reading “IT LASTS FOREVER”


Make an Intuitive Guidance Reading with Lisa here. He was handsome, but way more attractive than that… he was kind. EnergieGal I lost his ring. Husband took off his wedding ring years ago since he wasn’t allowed to wear it at work. He lost it once, years ago, in a store… found it hours later,Continue reading “YES”

Two Ears

Two ears, one mouth. Dear Listener, You freakin’ rock my world! Husband is an excellent listener… and with so much excitable energy which usually makes its way out of my mouth, I’m blessed by his calm, grounded, open heart… which looks like his listening to me and making comments only as adds to our discussion.Continue reading “Two Ears”


He is the firstborn of a firstborn of a firstborn. I remember my Dad saying, “Being the firstborn is tough, nobody gets that unless you’re “it”… you’re the icebreaker. Your parents are still trying to figure things out. And as the oldest, perhaps you feel a sense of nurturing duty that the youngers do not.”Continue reading “ANDREW”