Day 38

When one of us is experiencing victory, we can all partake of this victory. There’s no need to be jealous or feel left out. We are One. 


One of my friends, Jill, is now a published author. She has been working diligently both on the book and on her “shadow work.” Upbeat, raw, honest, hilarious, insightful, she’s an absolute delight to be around and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her! She’s deserving. She’s worthy. A shining example of believing in a dream and doing the work to manifest it. I’m so proud of her!

There was a time in my life when I would not have felt this genuinely joyful. I would have been happy for her, yes, but I would have felt left-out. Unseen by the Universe. Passed by, overlooked by the Source of Love. Abandoned by God. “What about MY dreams?” I would have journaled: poor, pitiful me. I would have felt like the victim. Voiceless. Powerless. 😦

Thank God, I’ve taken some good long looks in the mirror; I’ve spent time in honest soul searching, hours of journaling, and allowed healing into my heart-mind-body. I’ve “done the work” of healing the Inner Child, of listening, holding space, bringing compassion to myself, and being courageous to own my life. 🙂

Vibration shifted, I can now see through the smog and fog and blur and shit of what-about-me-when’s-my-turn thinking and be the Encourager that God created me to be. I looooooove to cheer! 

Gimme a J! – J!

Gimme an I! – I!

Gimme an L! – L!

Gimme another L! – L!

What did we spell?


Jill, ima so proud of you, Sister. Great big hug!

Join me in celebrating one of us. This is a victory for ALL of us.

And so it is. ❤

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