We. Made. It.

Day 39

You can make an Intuitive Guidance Reading Appointment with Lisa.

Sometimes I wish that I could go back in time, and reassure that little girl that she makes it. That she survives. And that she will spend a beautiful week celebrating Life and Love and Living with Baby Sister… and everything turns out okay for both of them.


We’ve just arrived at Anna Maria Island in Florida – it’s stunning! – and we both promptly upacked and set about doing any paperwork and obligatory office work… work before play… then we got out our lists and planned our next two days. We don’t want to miss a thing! We’ve got ourselves scheduled and ready to hit the beach, confident in our itinerary.

We’re both looking forward to beach time, wine and cheese later while playing cards, and strolling into town to do some shopping. Enjoying the same sharp humor, all puns and innuendos, movie quotes and book references, there’ll be plenty of giggles.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll get up early to run a few miles while Sister sleeps in. I’ll drink my coffee bold and hot, she’ll sip hers light and icy. I’ll want a big lunch; she’ll look forward to dinner.

Wednesday we will return to our physically separated lives, as she lives out west and I make my home in upstate NY. She and her Hubs will continue to raise Young Son and Three Awesome Kids and sell real estate; Husband and I will check in with our Five Beautiful Souls and I’ll continue to blog, counsel, and create videos.

We’ll text daily and reminisce and be grateful for the laughs and recall the sunsets and sand between our toes. Remembering conversations and card games, introspective ponderings and shared drinks, we’ll never be far from each others’ thoughts.

The waves of the ocean remind me that life ebbs and flows, the waters pull into the shore and pull back out again. Continuously. Reliably. Life goes on and on and on…

It’s true that she and I had a rough start in life, childhood traumas buried deep into our psyches and physiologies so young… and there were days when I thought I’d never make it through…

Today, I am reminded – oh, thank you, God – that we’ve endured. We’re not “there” anymore, even when our bodies occasionally trigger. We are safe. We are “here.” We are healing. We have earned this brilliant week together, and we will ride this wave with gratitude and a giant exhale. 

We. Made. It. ❤

I know that I am blessed to know her, to have her in my life, and to be spending this week with her. And the little girl in me thinks so too. 🙂

It’s a wonderful life indeed. ❤

You can make an Intuitive Guidance Reading Appointment with Lisa.

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