God’s Not Mad

Day 37

Lisa is available for Intuitive Guidance Readings and Coaching.

God isn’t mad at you. The Quantum Field – Consciousness, Source, Spirit, the Universe – is responding to your frequency. Want to change your reality? Change your vibration.


I’ve had a number of clients in this past week who have said, “yep, it’s God punishing me. Maybe He’s mad at me or something…”

I understand this thought process, though I don’t agree with it. I don’t believe that there is a Power “out there” that is mad or happy or sad or pissed off at us, doling out favors and gifts or punishments and hell. 

And yay for that! 🙂

We are energies. Our reality manifests according to these energies. If you want to change your reality, change your energies.


By changing your mind. Change your thought patterns.

Having difficulty changing thought patterns? Then allow your heart to come back on-line, experience kindness and compassion, and breathe again.

Having difficulty allowing yourself to trust life enough to open up your heart? Breathe. Breathe to embody, to return to your body, to allow your being to plug back in.

It’s a process which we most often do with the guidance of another. Empathic witnessing is helpful, and authenticity and vulnerability are vital. It’s not HARD, it’s just that you’ve never healed this way before so you don’t know what you’re doing and what to expect. Of course you’re apprehensive! But don’t let that stop you from BECOMING, from plugging back in, being tuned in to the frequency of abundance and peace, and allowing yourself to LIVE. To finally LIVE.

“God” is within us and is us as well as all around us in others and nature. WE ARE LOVED because we’re lovable. We’re worthy! We’re holy! We’re divine! We’re here to experience LIVING, not to be tested and deemed worthy or unworthy of being LOVED.

These are big and new paradigms – belief patterns and thought systems – for so many of us to wrap ourselves around. Let’s be patient with each other as we unlearn and relearn ways of processing information.

And remember, if you’re scared of this work, it’s because you’ve never healed this way before. It’s perfectly understandable to be apprehensive of a new way of thinking, being, living. Check out this short meditation that I created to help you with this journey. 

And know that I’m available for Intuitive Guidance Consultations as well. 

You are loved. We are loved. God loves us. That’s always been the only plan: LOVE.


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