Good Times

Day 40

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Empowered Living is being curious, compassionate, and courageous.


Today, Baby Sister and I decided to take a bike ride into town and do a bit of shopping. First, lunch. It was delicious: fresh fish on grilled sweet potatoes with a side salad. Heavenly. 

Until the phone call… “Did you take a couple of bikes from outside your room?” our landlord queried. (Why, yes. Yes, we did.)

Come to find out, we’re bike robbers. Thieves, I tell you! 😛

We had taken the wrong pair of bikes, inadvertently snagging our neighbor’s bicycles. Oops! Upon noticing their missing bikes, they called the landlord and, well, everyone added one and one and came up with Two-Girls-Who-Are-Clueless.

And Ever-So-Apologetic.

We rode the bikes home after lunch, pre-shopping, to find our neighbors just as giggly about the incident as we found ourselves. It was truly a mistake and we apologized, found the correct bikes, and returned to town to shop.

The landlord was so understanding.

The bike owners were truly kind and gracious.

We laughed about our goofiness and chalked the whole thing up to “good times.”

There was a time in my life when I would have been soooo embarrassed and pretty tough on myself on the inside. “How could you have been so stupid?” and “You dumby!” and “How hard can it be to find the right bikes, ya bozo!” The whole rest of the day may have been ruined, my countenance wrecked by shame and humiliation.

Luckily – actually, no luck involved as it’s been purposeful shadow-work and journaling and soul-searching and sitting with uncomfortable feelings and memories and unlearning thoughts and relearning other ways of thinking – well, anyway, I’m in a safe space now to be able to find the humor and embrace myself and Sister and have a damn good laugh about it.

On day 40, among the many things I’ve learned throughout this Sabbatical, it’s that holding myself gently, kindly, and with patience is the only way to heal. Being curious, compassionate, and courageous are three underpinnings to laying a foundation of Empowered Living.

  • Be curious – what am I feeling?
  • Be compassionate – it’s okay and I’m okay as I feel.
  • Be courageous – once I’ve felt it all, I allow it to dissolve and open wide my heart to Love.

It is these three actions – curiosity, compassion, and courageousness – that have created for me a healing space. By employing these in my personal and professional practice, I have a better understanding and new perspective on the WHYs, HOWs, and WHATs of healing childhood trauma as well as other energetic blockages. Very empowering indeed.

Tonight, in celebration, Sister and I are going to enjoy “Sound Bathing” and I’m darn excited! What will the next 40 days bring me? I am open to receive, and amen.

Make an appointment with Lisa for Intuitive Guidance and Empowerment Coaching.

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