What’s Not Grounded?


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I always tremble a bit when the tower card shows itself as the messenger. It reminds me that everything NOT rooted and established in LOVE is fear… and must topple… but for my highest good. Faith, dear one.


Today’s daily tarot reading challenges… but always to give us an opportunity to express ourselves at the highest-Self level. Good thing we walk together, with each other and with Spirit. Peace is always available. And so it is.

What is it that you are thinking that has shown itself to no longer benefit you? What kind of thought process must be re-narrated? With mercury in retrograde, there’s plenty of re-thinking, re-newing, re-charging, -re-calibrating energies abounding!

Today, BREATHE. Find three things for which you are grateful. Write them down, speak the aloud, even share them with others. GROUND yourself: knees to the earth, feet in the grass, sit under a tree, drink lots of water.

Today is a good day to be here.

Always, Love.


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