Karma Unpacking


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The Destiny card reminds me that “what-goes-around-comes-around”, that karma balances itself… this isn’t a ‘bad’ thing or a ‘good’ thing. It’s the way that ENERGIES work.


Today’s tarot card (YouTube reading) is DESTINY. We may or may not actually live multiple lives – I think I have been “in skin” lots and lots of time before – and I believe that we end one leg of the journey, one lifetime, with certain energies that require balancing in the next lifetime.

This isn’t a punishment! This is a balancing. With yesterday’s TOWER card toppling certain mindsets or relationships or desires, today we receive the opportunity to allow the energies to recalibrate, to resync.

What we do today does create a ripple effect on into eternity. How will you treat yourself and others today? Not because of the threat of hell for bad behavior or heaven for good behavior, but because energies balance themselves throughout our lifetimes.

What if you choose to bring heaven into your earthly experience today? Hug a tree, forgive a parent, be kind to a stranger, laugh with the neighbor, tip the waitress extra.

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