My Perverse Addiction

How many Romeos and Juliets need to lie dead on the floor before we’re willing to give up this perverse addiction?

Erwin Raphael McManus

Pastor McManus writes: If evolution is our preferred version of human evolution, why can’t we evolve ourselves out of this primal achilles heel we know as love?

Gah, love.

Some of my best memories ever: falling in love, being in love, loving to be in love, loving being loved. Loving my high school boyfriend (isn’t first love grand?) Loving FiveBeautifulSouls (is there anything better than experiencing your children?) Loving popcorn and a movie with Hubs (yum and extra yummmm!) Loving FurButt Gigi (four paws, one tail, big tongue, bigger appetite!)

Some of my most challenging, hurtful, painful memories ever: falling out of love, no longer being in love, hating being in love, not being loved in return. My high school boyfriend breaking up with me (why does this still sting 40-some years later?) My heart breaking over one of FiveBeautifulSouls moving seven – sevennnnnn – states away (be still, this heart!) Hubs going through health crisis (loving is too hard!) Burying loyal, innocent paws-tail-tongue-appetite babies (no words.)

Yes, love is all that – wonderful, amazing, uplifting, adventurous, difficult, sad, heartbreaking, challenging.

And where would we be without it?

In this video, I unpack a passage from Soul Cravings by Erwin Rahael McManus… about love and Love and why we can’t help but crave it, despite ourselves, despite knowing how it can ravage us, drag us through the deepest emotions and clear through to the other side of What-Just-Happened-I’ll-Never-Do-That-Again (until we do… yes, we do.)

Grab a journal. Travel along with us. We’re glad you’re here.

I love you.


Lis xxx

Empowerment & Life Coach

Professional Listener

Lover of Peace

You can reach me here.

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