Saturday’s Laughter

Day 17

If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy.


Thankful to Husband. Saturdays is our grocery shopping date. He calls it “foreplay” because we both love it so much. Truly. We gotta have plenty of food in the house because I enjoy feeding people – it’s my love language – and he enjoys eating. We’re a match made in the fresh vegetables aisle. 🙂

Laughter – (n.) when a smile has an orgasm

Today, however, he had to go it alone… which sounds way different as I type this than I am intending, but it’s nearly zero degrees out again today and we could use a good dose of the giggles so there ya go… I am preparing to share to a group (the wonderful, sweetest-ever Unitarian Universalist Group) via zoom and I mentioned wanting just a bit more time to pray, ponder, and prepare.

“You stay here and do what you do and I’ll get the grocery shopping done. You can help me unpack when I get home. Deal?”

Deal! … and I headed upstairs to my office and got to work.

He wasn’t home when I was finished with my paperwork, so I hopped in the shower… and headed downstairs… to find him finishing his second breakfast (his fave meal of the day.)

“All done and unpacked, Babe!” he reported, stabbing an egg with a toast corner.

He’s really the easiest energy for me in the world. He’s stable, grounded, predictable, quirky, gets my humor, gives the best foot massages, and is a generous, gifted human being both in and out of the bedroom. My happiness is his happiness…. 🙂

Which is probably way too much information… and highly inappropriate… but it’s nearly zero degrees out again today and, well, 🙂

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it will surely add life to your years.

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