… and palm trees too, please …

Day 36

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Breaking down may sound uncomfortable, yes, but maybe the work of breakthrough begins with the willingness to break down, then break open… such courageous acts indeed.


In Tampa with Baby Sister. Staying at the house of one of her friends. It’s beautiful, they’re beautiful, we’re having a beautiful time. Lotsa palm trees, sunshine, humidity. The perfect respite for me in the middle of wintertime in upstate New York.

Went for a little run around the block with Sister this morning, lots of great conversation in and amongst the huffing-n-puffing. We house-shopped, pretending to be deep-pocketed and able to afford any house on the shore-lined street.

“If them, then why not me?” I queried aloud to Sister. 

“Totally agree!” she replied.

I’m still allowing God to unpack to me what it means to be POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. This morning, while sitting out on the veranda under the blue sky and surrounded by palm trees,  I read Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention – Learning To Co-create Your World Your Way. The notes I jotted down from the current chapter were thus: 

  • Intention is not about having a strong desire and backing it up with a pit-bull kind of determination.
  • Imagination is the movement of the universal mind within you.
  • Until you transcend the ego, you can do nothing but add to the insanity of the world. That statement should delight you rather than create despair, for it removes the burden from your shoulders. (J. R. Price)
  • Doubts rise because of a lack of surrender. (Ramana Muharshi)

I get this niggling feeling that it is less about circumstances stopping me from living the life I dream of and more about ME that’s stopping me. I think I may be the one in my way. I may be the one plugging up the flow of creativity and manifestation.

And, if so, how? I don’t really care about why. Mute and a waste of energies to pursue the why’s, in my opinion, and doesn’t change the situation. But the HOW? Now there’s something I can wrap my soul around and embrace. And so I ask myself…

At what frequency am I living?

  • Survival mode due to trauma?
  • Eek-barely-by due to mind paradigms of lack and scarcity and victimology?
  • Do I have a thought pattern that believes that I have to work really hard in life to get anywhere and that suffering is all a part of the whole shit-show?
  • Is there a part of me that thinks and holds the vibration of never-enough, only-the-lucky-ones get to live out their dreams?

I wonder about all this… because if I am, to at least some degree, sending out a signal, a frequency, and the world around me is merely reflecting this signal, responding to my frequency and thus manifesting my reality around me… maybe, rather than pushing harder to make something happen, it would be more beneficial for me to consider my vibration, to take into account how I’m thinking, feeling, believing. And to welcome even the unconscious thought patterns to reveal themselves.

I mean, sure, there’s work involved. But maybe the work is less “trying to make something happen” and more “working with and through and out to the other side of trauma, paradigms, deeply ingrained perceptions, judgments, and lack of gratitude.”

I truly think that we in 2022 are breaking down to break open and break through… and I’m not sure if this will land me a house here in Tampa… but I am willing to be courageous, willing to be curious about how creativity and manifestation work in tandem to form our reality.

I allow all ways of thinking and believing that gets in the way of my powerful-beyond-measure-self to show themselves, give message as need be, and dissolve from my physiology and energetic space. I give myself permission to believe that I am worthy of a house, perhaps right here in Florida.

And, God, lots of palm trees too, to go with the house. Please and thank you. 🙂

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