We’re Doing Our Best

The more my heart expands, the less offended I am by people working out their particular stage of being human.

People can be absolutely maddening, can’t they? Oh, how easily someone can get under my skin and grind mah gears. Anyone relate?

And don’t get me started on how I can self-sabotage….

One of the biggest and most helpful perspectives that I have chosen on my journey of Peace is also one of the most challenging. It can be difficult for my ego to concede this particular point of view that I share here, but I must say that it has lent to very great healing in my life and so I offer it…. And it’s this:

In my relationships with others as well as the relationship I experience with myself, I hold the perspective that each of us is doing the very best that we can in that moment. And at the moment that we know better, we will do better.

I am doing the best I know how.

You are doing the best you know how.

At the level of awareness at which I am seeing feeling hearing sensing knowing, this is my best.

Ditto for you. ♥️✨

So, I allow myself to feel my feelings but understand in my head and feel in my heart that this is the best we know at this moment. Amen.

Breathe. Shoulders relax. Hug yourself. This being human thing… it’s great and awesome and adventurous and hard and abrasive and maddening. And worth it.

Keep on, My Friends.

Life Coach

Professional Listener

Lover of Peace

Love you.


Lis xxx

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