Praying For Damar


Yesterday, I was listening to the Buffalo Bills – Cincinnati Bengals game while doing my usual crossword puzzles, chatting with Husband and fussing around in the kitchen. 

But then everything changed.

I could feel the air get heavier, the energies shift.

The announcers were speaking frantically and there was no sound coming from the bleachers. A player was down. A player stayed down. 

And the game was put on hold.

Real life was happening. Real. Big. Scary. Confusing. Chaotic. Eerily quiet.

There was only one thing I could do. So I prayed.

And the announcers reported that fellow players – “brothers” – kneeled, held each other, prayed. Gathered around and stayed. Wept. Asked for prayers.

And the game was suspended.

Because we as a Collective realized what was and is most important: Us. One of us, all of us. Us. Not a game, not stats, not money, fame, or schedules. A life. Damar’s life.

And in that very moment, we remembered what was and is and always will be the biggest deal of all: each other. 




And so we prayed. And so we hoped for the best for someone we didn’t even know. And so we asked for mercy for someone from an opposing team. 

Today, on day 3 of our 365 days of holistic wellness through 2023, we journey through the topic of PERSPECTIVE and what’s most important. I hope our show today brings more clarity, more grounding, more Love into your life.

Here we are, together you and me.

Lisa xxx

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