Why Friendships Matter


It’s A Wonderful Life!

small wooden sign posted above my doorway to remind me… stay the course, sweet soul xxx

On today’s show, Holistic Wellness With EnergieGal, we’re on day 4 of our yearlong trek… and we’re chatting about my personal fave movie… It’s A Wonderful Life… and the profound conclusion that George remembers as a result of his wish being granted by his guardian angel.

No man is a failure who has friends.

Clarence, angel second class

George is facing a dire situation and forgets the most important thing of all: his life has meaning. It’s a darn good thing he was born. Amidst the good, the bad, and the ugly of living, it’s still worth it.

George Bailey… the richest man in town.

George’s brother

You matter.

I matter.

We matter.

Let’s remember that.

(And when I forget, please remind me.)

I love you, guys. ❤

LIsa xxx

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PS Aaaaaand what is YOUR favorite movie?

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