It’s Time To Workout!

Hey hey hey! Welcome to day 5 of our trek through 2023… our daily show on EnergieGal Holistic Wellness…. And we are working out!

To mark 5 days of shows, we’re doing 5 different exercises 5 times each 5 times through. Yep, it’s a regular celebraaaation of sweat and good times!

Exercise is VITAL to our wellness.

Moving our bodies helps the energies move through our bodies.

Energies? What do ya mean, energies?

Energies of trauma, of grief, of disappointment, of discouragement, of nihilistic thinking, of worthlessness… these emotions aren’t just vapory misty things… these emotions are real, highly influential, and they have a substance to them!

That “substance” is a stickiness that is in your physical body… and effects all of you: physical, emotional, mental, psychic, energetic… the whole you! Focusing mindfully on your body through movement and sweating helps those energies loosen up and move through your form.


And to think, it’s only a few reps away… 

To our wellness, health, and JOY!

Lisa xxx

PS Link to today’s YouTube video is here… please consider joining our Tribe! ❤

PS To book an appointment with Lisa for Coaching, augustineglasier@gmail.com or 1-716-269-9655 or www.EnergieGal.com 

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