Work Out 3!

We’re digging in again! Here’s the YouTube video 🙂

I just loooooove feeling empowered! For so long, I didn’t feel safe in my body because of the things that had happened to me. Working out helped me tremendously. With each rep, with each squat, with each breath… I began to feel secure to “come back home” to my body and allow the healing process to continue.

That’s why I work out… lose weight? “burn” calories? not so much… I work out for the POWER of it!

Here’s today’s line-up:

  • arms T – heels ups
  • jacks
  • knee lift – heel press
  • cuff
  • plie – cuff
  • high plank heel lift
  • table opposite arm-leg

Be sure the stretch!

We’re so thankful you’re here. 

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God bless, Everyone.

Lisa xxx

Here’s the link to our Working Out With EnergieGal playlist!

Here’s the link to our Holistic Wellness With EnergieGal daily vlog!

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